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TITLE Disposable paper divided into hot paper cup
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QUERY Disposable paper divided into hot paper cup
DESCRIPTION Disposable paper cups are paper containers made of wood pulp and processed into base paper. eco-friendly paper cups Generally, there are two kinds of coatings on the inner wall of paper cups, one is waxed paper cup, and the other is PE coated paper cup.
Can not mix hot and cold paper cups.
Both paper cups are not suitable for alcoholic beverages. disposable paper tea cups Alcohol has strong permeability and is easy to cause leakage. The longer the time, the more leakage.
Disposable paper cups cannot be reused and their firmness will be reduced.

Waxed paper cups.
Waxed paper cups are coated with wax on the inner wall of the paper cup to isolate the food or drinking water inside the paper cup from direct contact with the paper container. It is now generally used as a cold drink cup. Some people have said that waxed paper cups cannot be filled with hot drinks, because the wax on the surface will melt and mix into the food, affecting health. starbucks disposable cups
This statement is actually inaccurate. First of all, we must make it clear that the wax layer in the formal and qualified disposable paper cups is edible wax, which is non-toxic and insoluble in water. It can be excreted in a small amount of consumption.
However, the melting point of edible wax is indeed very low, relatively stable between 0°-5°. lunch box paper bag However, even if you add hot water, edible wax will ingest a small amount of the body, so you don’t have to panic if you don’t use it frequently.

Coated (PE) paper cups.
The PE paper cup is covered with a PE film on the inner wall of the paper cup, which is very smooth and can be water and oil resistant. Polyethylene is polyethylene, and polyethylene is a safe chemical substance in food processing, which is what we often call plastic. 8x10 paper bags
This material is odorless, non-toxic, feels like wax, has low water absorption, and is often used as a waterproof material. Its melting point is between 120-140°, and the boiling point of water is between 100°. It is insoluble in water and safe to use.
At present, most disposable paper cups on the market are single-layer coated (PE) paper cups.

In waxed paper cups, conventional products use edible wax. Inferior products are likely to use industrial wax to reduce costs. Industrial wax contains impurities, and drinking can cause harm to the human body. decorative paper bags
In the coated (PE) paper cups, conventional products use polyethylene (PE) materials. Moreover, inferior products are likely to use recycled polyethylene to reduce costs. The recycled polyethylene will undergo cracking changes during the reprocessing process and produce a large amount of harmful compounds. It is easy to drift to the water during use and endanger health